We like ours “Natural”

November 2nd, 2011

Our espresso that is.

We have searched and tasted and searched again in our often-futile attempt to create the perfect espresso (Hint: it’s in the “naturals”) So you’ll never guess where we found it!! Yup, the “naturals”.

If you are wondering what this seemingly insane semi-rant is about (concerning “naturals”) all you have to do is taste our espresso. We have blended 4 different coffees (“naturals”) using good scientific magic to create a sensory paradox of the fungiform papillae.

Natural processed coffee is coffee that was picked and dried in the cherry. All that life-changing fruit flavor is imparted to the seed (you know it as a bean, but it really isn’t) during the fermentation process at the farm, and is what comes through in the flavor if you roast it correctly. We roast it correctly. Now all you need to do is try it. We promise, it rules.