Like dessert in a cup

August 10th, 2011

Our new Costa Rica has arrived and we are thrilled by it’s unique character.

We call it Las Lajas and the first thing you will notice is the sweetness. Expect sweet bread, caramel, cane sugar, red grape, hazelnut, malted barley, and heavy body. We can’t wait to try it as an espresso. It could be delightfully explosive!!

Look for it Thursday the 11th.


It came from afar

July 11th, 2011

And plopped down in our roaster. We have the new crop of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Koke Cooperative AND the Sumatra Mandheling Permata Gayo (Which happens to be Fair Trade and Organic).

We will be making these available for your enjoyment on Wednesday the 13th. That means you need to come enjoy them. Here. Now.


4th of July Hours

July 1st, 2011

We will be attempting to enjoy a moment or two with family and friends. Because of that, our hours will be slightly different this 4th.

We will groggily open our doors at 8AM and giddily close them at 5 PM.

We will however, be super amazing and (dare I say it?) nice all day long whilst pulling amazing shots and pouring the beloved art.

This means you DO need to show up and receive from our plentiful bounty.

I was recently looking through our Yelp reviews and noticed a common theme…

We aren’t as trendy as other shops in Olympia!! Damn (spoken with the utmost sarcasm).

The reviews are right, we aren’t as trendy as other shops in Olympia. So I wonder, what does trendy taste like? Should I be worried about the taste of trendy? Does trendy even have a flavor profile? Mmmm, not last time I checked.

We don’t put huge amounts of effort into looking a certain way because deep inside our little hearts, we don’t actually care! We are far more interested in the quality of our product. We have this crazy idea that if you care about quality, you might forego the trendy to experience something noteworthy.

We pour ourselves (dumb pun) into sourcing, roasting, and serving the best coffees in the world, all the while being responsible to our fellow human beings and the environment. We take pride in everything we do because we believe in the power of Quality. You will know it when you experience it. Why would a certain look make coffee better? Here is a hint, one has nothing to do with the other.

Come check us out and see why we could care less about trendy.



10th Avenue Trio 6/17

June 14th, 2011

Come join us this Friday at 6 PM for some amazing acoustic magic.

Friday, June 17th @ 6pm

I’ve never experienced either, but if you were to ride a bullet train while wearing blinders and staring out a side window, you’ve got an accurate picture of May. We didn’t ever really see it. Yes folks, a blur.

June, enter stage right!! We can see straight again and have something to say. “Coffee.” There, I said it.

Ummm, toddy is flowing again in all it’s ebony glory. Also, we are anxiously awaiting many coffees from Indonesia, Africa and Central America. If you have liked our Costa Rican coffees in the past, you will be blown away by the offerings this year. Ethiopia also looks to be promising this year. El Salvador is a new old favorite and should be along almost any day now. Sumatra? Another good year with poor availability at the outset. It’ll happen though.

Keep checking back for more updates as our coffees begin rolling in.

…or through the window, or through anything transparent that will allow you to see outside without feeling the cold, will give you the impression that Spring has sprung. There are many reasons we like spring, one of which is the knowledge that Summer is near and we can stop shivering for the first time in 9 months.

We also like Spring because the sun stays in our view longer each day. With the lengthening days comes lengthening hours of operation!!

We will be staying open until 7pm Monday through Friday starting on April 25th. So until that magical orb in the sky begins its traverse toward darkness, we will be open until 7pm.

See you Monday evening!!

We have our AMAZING Brazil Santo Antonio Estate Samambaia Peaberry Yellow Bourbon (say it fast 10 times) on the shelves and ready to go home with you. This is one of the farms I had the pleasure of visiting last August while “roughing it” in Brazil (picture wonderful people, mind-blowing food, and drinks that can either make you smile, or erase your past depending on the ¬†quantity consumed. Nothing like taking one for the team. It was rough). It rules and you should buy it.

Next up is an Ethiopian that will take you to that special place in your mind.

Ethiopia Dry Process Limu -Nigusie Lemma is the name of this fruit-bomb of a gem. It should grace our roastery doors later this week, and be available for human consumption by Friday. We are giggly about it. Really.


Winter Hours

January 24th, 2011

Starting today, we will be closing at 6pm everyday except Saturdays (Fools Play from 8-10pm).

Also, we have an Ethiopian theme this week. All three of our Ethiopian coffees are available for purchase as whole bean or as a pourover on Hario. Amazing really. Life is better with some Ethiopian in your day.


Speaking of Hope

January 19th, 2011

We will be hosting seminars starting January 25th.Seminar