4th of July

July 3rd, 2012

We will be open from 6am-5pm on the 4th of July. We hope to see you here!

There was something about that pastry case of ours that made us swear… often. So after 8 years we were struck by a stroke of brilliance, just sell the stupid thing.

In our slow progress toward that elusive state of wonderful (we’re getting close) we have flexed our carpentry muscles and begun producing stupendous furnishings as a replacement to the aforementioned appliance of our internal angst and outward expressions of irritation. We made a beautiful counter that shall at some point in this current timeline, become the model brew bar by which all future brew bars will be fashioned. It is brilliant in its simplicity and by default, a significant improvement to said pastry case.

You should come check out the progression and pick up a bag or ten of our perfectly roasted coffee.



January 26th, 2012

Fun to pronounce, more fun to drink. Our very limited supply of Rwanda Abakundakawa hits the shelves Saturday.

It will make you a better person. It’s like karma in a cup!! Remember, Saturday.


The Normal State of Things

January 24th, 2012

We are operating again under “normal” conditions. We are sad to say it is still winter, but a more average winter compared to the act of Satan we experienced this last week. Damn it all anyway (that was the bright side)!!

We (more accurately, Kendal) are working on creating an unusual menu that may just blow your mind (as a regular part of life). I will let you know when we release the sordid details of awesomeness-in-a-cup. Until then, if you happen to grace our westside location, ask Kendal for something bizarre. He will deliver. In case you were wondering, bizarre is a good thing. Just ask!


We have power!!

January 19th, 2012

Our power is on and our WiFi is working.

Come get warm and caffeinated.


My Soul Aches!!

January 18th, 2012

Another day of snow and we are silently (except for this blog and Facebook) suffering the ill effects. Here is the sad tale…

Our Group Health location will continue to hibernate while the Westside will peak it’s head out of the snow to serve the public the caffeine it deserves. Inundate us with business and we will thank you with the best drinks in town!! Get your backsides in here!!


We aren’t Clever

December 16th, 2011

But I’ll tell you what is!!

The Clever Brewer from Abid.

A short story:

One day French Press was enjoying a fantastic cup of Mud Bay Coffee at the local Mud Bay Coffee.

French Press heard the door open and felt the cool breeze that followed (It is Washington after all. Did you think it would be a warm breeze?). Slightly irritated, it turned to see who might be interrupting it’s perfectly enjoyable moment browsing the internet on Mud Bay Coffee’s free Wi-Fi by opening the door when it’s attention was grabbed by what had just walked through the door. It was mesmerized by the shapely creature who graced the doorway. It’s eyes followed the shapely creature all the way to the counter where it too ordered an amazing cup of Mud Bay Coffee. Unable to unglue it’s eyes from that which now graced the counter, words were not forthcoming (picture a slack-jawed imbecile expression). This creature was known to many as Melitta the pour-over brewer. Melitta sauntered to it’s chair unaware of the adoring eyes of French Press and began to enjoy it’s cup of Mud Bay Coffee (in one of the new mugs!!). After a number of unsuccessful attempts to stand up and breathe, French Press finally mustered the courage to go talk to Melitta. Folks…there were fireworks. The love was immediate and in the end, the relationship produced offspring. They stood cooing over their new bundle of joy and thought for some time about what they would name their caffeine-inducing spawn. Finally they came to a conclusion. They would name it “Clever”. (Sound of hearts melting with immense joy) Awwww.

Come meet Clever and see what happens when you mix a French Press and a Pour-over cone brewer. You get a $14

You need one of these

brewer that produces an amazing cup of Mud Bay Coffee to fill your new Mud Bay Coffee Roasting mug. That is what you get. Get it?



This is how we celebrate.

December 12th, 2011

We make a blend. We spent some time at the drawing board and did a bit of trial and error to develop something we can be proud of. Our Holiday Blend is the result. First we start with a base of our Mexican Terruno Nayarita, then we add a layer of Ethiopian Harrar, after that there is a sprinkling of El Salvador Finca Santa Sofia, and to finish, we inject some Sumatra Mandheling Permata Gayo and BAM!!! Holiday Blend. If you possess a soul, you will be delighted all the way down to it.


We like ours “Natural”

November 2nd, 2011

Our espresso that is.

We have searched and tasted and searched again in our often-futile attempt to create the perfect espresso (Hint: it’s in the “naturals”) So you’ll never guess where we found it!! Yup, the “naturals”.

If you are wondering what this seemingly insane semi-rant is about (concerning “naturals”) all you have to do is taste our espresso. We have blended 4 different coffees (“naturals”) using good scientific magic to create a sensory paradox of the fungiform papillae.

Natural processed coffee is coffee that was picked and dried in the cherry. All that life-changing fruit flavor is imparted to the seed (you know it as a bean, but it really isn’t) during the fermentation process at the farm, and is what comes through in the flavor if you roast it correctly. We roast it correctly. Now all you need to do is try it. We promise, it rules.


gods, Gods, and GODS

August 30th, 2011

It is too good to give it a little ‘g’ and too misleading in a monotheistic culture sort-of-way to just give it a big ‘g’, so we gave it the full “caps lock” treatment and went all the way to glory!!

Our Espresso of the GODS is back for Season 2 in this line-up of greatness. Call it iconoclastic if you will, this one dares to tempt you to slowly savor it while making you pine for more. Oh the conundrum!! Think of sweet dried fruit (grape fruit-leather), candied walnut, immense silky body, and a strong cocoa finish. Now you understand. Now you must obey.

Come ask for it by name. It will only grace our hoppers for a limited time.