Mud Bay Coffee is a culmination of ideals that are practiced on a daily basis. We are a small-batch coffee roaster and retail shop with employees that love people and coffee. We believe that people are the reason we exist, so we strive to be responsible with what we have and how we serve.
We take the time to search for exceptional products, with alternatives to the usual “fluff” that you may find in other coffee houses. We only use products that contain NO high fructose corn syrup. We also stock wheat free and wheat free/gluten free cookies. If you are looking for something to excite the senses, try your favorite latte with Hemp Milk.


We also have a small conference room available for a nominal fee that comfortably seats 12-18 people. Call for details or drop by and see.

The coffee we roast daily is meticulously researched and tasted to find the best and most unique coffees. We believe that purchasing based on sustainable farming practices is paramount to the health of the industry and the planet. The focus goes well beyond “Fair Trade” to the development of “Direct Relationships” with the farms and people of the industry who don’t have a global voice, but are affected by the buying practices of the general public.
Mud Bay Coffee Co. attempts to illuminate the issues that most people take for granted in their daily cup of coffee.

Tasty goodness, amazing people, intelligent approach, what could be better?

Look around and see what we are all about!!

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